Tuesday, December 30, 2008

trying 2 get back in the habit, 2 pray 4 soldiers

i've been davening/praying irregularly due 2 general tiredness & tough time focusing--it's hard 2 find a comfortable sleep position with casts on both forearms. but i'm trying 2 daven at least once a day, so that i can pray for the soldiers of tzahal/israel defense force 2 come home b'shalom v'shalem--in peace & in 1 piece

4 shacharit/morning service, i'm relying on the teaching of a former rabbi, as i wrote in the comments here:

"A former rabbi of mine told me, if I understood him correctly, that, from a halachic point of view, the rock-bottom minimum is to say one “prayer,” namely, Ashrei [a psalm], before the Matbeah shel Tefillah, then pray the entire Matbeah shel Tefillah, then recite one prayer, preferably Aleinu, thereafter. Everything else is gravy, as the saying goes."

[Matbeah shel Tefillah--hard-core required part of service. 4 shacharit, that's every word from bar'chu--or Yotzer Or, if u don't have a minyan--thru end of amidah]

i'm pretty sure i posted, at some point, that he must have been using minchah/afternoon service as a template, since the entire minchah service doesn't contain much more than Ashrei, the amidah, & Aleinu, but i can't find that post


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